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Turn the Page toward Better Results with Dropcards


Dropcards are an inexpensive way to engage your readers and get them hooked on your new projects.

Dropcards are all you need to promote your book. Provide recipients with access to an audiobook, a chapter sample, interviews and more. Uncover a new way to publicize your work with Dropcards.

Our cards are also easier to transport from place to place. 100 books can take up a lot of space, are cumbersome and heavy — but 100 Dropcards fit right into your suitcase. Make book signings, events, and book tours a whole lot easier for you.

Dropcards are the ultimate way to promote your book. Dive into your next project with Dropcards, and get 10% off for booking your first order today. Mention code BOOKCARDS10.

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Dropcards - The Next Big Thing to Happen to Books


Sure, Dropcards are synonymous with music downloads, but we’re also known for our work with multiple genres — like books. 

The publishing world has embraced us in a big way. We’ve worked on Dropcards for a James Patterson audiobook, a J.R.R Tolkien download, and a Harlan Coben download inspired by his new thriller, “Shelter” — just to name a few. Our fast turnaround times and our dedicated customer service will help you with all of your promotional needs, cover to cover. 

Use Dropcards to provide fans with anything from chapter samples to full audiobooks, interviews, and more. Dropcards are lightweight, small and loaded with valuable content. You can always have your cards in hand to promote your business at any conference or book signing.

Drop Dead (Gorgeous) Dropcards

We know you like contests, so we have a new one for you. 

Take a picture of anything Dropcard related - a concert, a book or even the card itself -  and use the hashtag #dropcards to get the chance to win 250 free cards. The best, most innovative photos win. We know all of you are very creative, so put those photography skills (or filter skills, for that matter) to good use!

Follow us @dropcards to see if you are the winner, announced Friday, May 2nd.

When you take a day off at #Dropcards, you may return to rubber bands around everything at your desk — even your banana. #officepranks #dayoff #workhardprankhard #banana #rubberbandsleaveagrossresidue

When you take a day off at #Dropcards, you may return to rubber bands around everything at your desk — even your banana. #officepranks #dayoff #workhardprankhard #banana #rubberbandsleaveagrossresidue

It’s Not Too Late To Order Your Dropcards For Upcoming Festivals


Despite all this snow, spring is on its way here (we promise!) — and so are the festivals! 

March means one thing — all you cool kids will be heading to music week in Austin on March 11th. Load up your carry ons with Dropcards and be ready to promote your music once you’re there. And just because that huge music festival in Canada has been bumped back to May doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on creating Dropcards for it. 

Even though showcase season is only a few weeks away, it’s not too late to order your Dropcards — not even for shows in Austin. And why not be ahead of the game for Toronto and cash in on this great offer!

We’re giving 10% off all festival orders between now and March 31, 2014.

Just enter the code FEST2014 at checkout. 

p.s. Shoot us an email at hello@dropcards with your showcase info. We’d love to help you spread the word!

Happy Holidays Packages From Dropcards

Give Dropcards This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year will be here in a matter of days, making now the perfect time to decide on a holiday gift for your fans.

Whether you’re giving away a b-side of your band singing Frosty the Snowman or a full release or you’re an author giving out a holiday-themed novella or your latest full-length novel, you can easily do it, and do it all, with Dropcards.

Our Happy Holidays Package makes it so super simple. (And there is plenty of time to place holiday orders.)

Just order your holiday greeting cards from Dropcards, and we can print them and affix your Dropcards directly inside. We can even handle the mailing and fulfillment — all we need is a spreadsheet of mailing addresses. Yep, the holidays can be that easy.

Plus, right now, we have special pricing for our Happy Holidays Package. Just call it our gift to you.

We’re always here to help you find the best solution, and the holidays are no different. Email hello@dropcards.com for a quote on your holiday project or call us at (800) 608-2811.

P.s. If you need Dropcards to hand out at holiday events, of course, we can make that happen, too. Let’s talk.

Client Spotlight: Perez Hilton’s One Night in Brooklyn


Sure, people are still talking about the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs. But those twerk-and-tongue-obsessed folks certainly didn’t attend Perez Hilton’s One Night in Brooklyn party at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn the night before the VMAs. Because if they did, they’d have better things to talk about. 

Perez Hilton’s One Night in Brooklyn was a huge event, sponsored in part by VH1 Save the Music, Red Bull, Wet N Wild, Monster Products and more. Performances included almost a dozen bands and artists, like The Boom Boom, LIZ, Ivy Levan, KAY, and Fifth Harmony. 

We were excited to print these colorful Press Passes and All Access Passes for the event. The passes were an easy way to get the proper credentials to the press covering the event, as well as to the special VIPs who got access to a something little extra.

With our super fast turnaround time, we can produce passes for you really quick — even if your event is coming up. Typically, we can produce cards from proof to print in 5 days or less. 

If you have something coming up, get in touch at (800) 608-2811 or hello@smartypass.com, and we’ll hook you up. 

Not Just For Bands


Sure, Dropcards and bands go hand in hand, but did you know these cards can work for just about anything? 

From preview chapters of books, entire audiobooks, comedy records, movie trailers and scene clips, film soundtracks and more, Dropcards are an easy (and inexpensive!) way to promote your latest project — whatever it is. 

Check out some recent Dropcards projects we were really stoked to work on. 



This past spring, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman teamed up in the post-apocalyptic science fiction film Oblivion. To help promote the movie at their Oblivion Experience event held at Viceland during SXSW Film, Universal Pictures handed out Oblivion Dropcards as a fun giveaway item. 

The Dropcards provided recipients with access to download the song “StarWaves” from the French electronica band M83. The song is featured in the movie’s soundtrack. Artwork for the film was included on the Dropcards and the eye-catching custom landing page tied everything together. 

Films and their soundtracks are an awesome way to use Dropcards. They’re a fun and affordable way to promote the latest releases. 


Erik Griffin

You know him as Montez Walker on Comedy Central’s Workaholics, but did you know Erik Griffin is also a hilarious stand-up comic? He is. And we have the Dropcards to prove it. 

We recently did Dropcards for his debut stand-up album, Technical Foul: Volume 1. The record is out on SideOneDummy Records and features 22 tracks and a bonus song “My Queen,” which Workaholics fans will recognize as Montez Walker’s love/sex ballad to his wife Colleen.

Much like music, Dropcards work great for stand-up comedy tracks and full albums. It’s easy to handout Dropcards for comedians at shows and festivals. 


James Patterson

Everyone knows James Patterson, the legendary thriller author whose books have sold over 270 million copies. That’s why we were beyond excited to work with Hachette Audio on Dropcards that offered a collection of his books. These Dropcards were distributed at various book publisher events and were the easiest way to hand out five different audiobooks at one time.

The books ranged from kid titles to adult-only novels; titles include Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life, I Funny: A Middle School Story, Alex Cross, Run, Private Berlin, and Secret Honeymoon

There was no easier way for Hachette to offer something physical to attendees yet provide them with something so portable. 


The Butler

Recently we did a fun project for the audiobook of Simon & Schuster Audio ’s The Butler: A Witness to History. 

Check out the press release for the book, which inspired the recently released feature film Lee Daniels’ The Butler, here:

Simon & Schuster Audio Press Release

Audiobooks and Dropcards make perfect sense because the setup and distribution of a promotion using them is super easy, whether it’s for one event or many across the country. 


Jug Face 

We recently worked to produce Dropcards for an eerie compilation for the new movie Jug Face, a creepy, tense horror-thriller that is driven by its intense score. 

The Dropcards for Jug Face were distributed at various film festivals earlier this year and the score and the original motion picture soundtrack was created by by indie music veteran Sean Spillane best known for his time in the band Arlo and for penning the soundtrack to the horror film The Woman. 

Dropcards and soundtracks are a match made in cinematic heaven. Not only are they a simple and cost-effective way to deliver music, they also tie in the movie artwork into the promotion on the card and landing page. 

Client Spotlight: 4Knots Music Festival


One of the most fun projects we worked on this summer was a series of smartyPasses for the Village Voice’s 4Knots Music Festival at the South Street Seaport in New York. 


The Dropcards/smartyPass team was stoked to be invited to the event — as you can see below — which featured awesome bands, including The Babies, Parquet Courts, The Men, Reigning Sound, and Kurt Vile & the Violators. 

Regretfully, we have no photos of our very own Steve Ceragno or his lovely wife Nyeri who also joined us for the event. :(




We got to spend the day on a huge, historic ship, which had a great view of both stages and gave us access to an open bar and all the gourmet hot dogs we could eat. 





It was a day of living the dream, complete with an epic ride home. We made Kristen and Lucy ride in the way, way back.


Thanks again to the Village Voice for inviting us to the event! 

Want to see your project on an upcoming newsletter? Sure you do. Shoot us an email at hello [at] dropcards [dot] com with details and images. We love seeing your projects in action, even if we can’t be there in person.   

Your Summer Show Solutions


If you stepped into any store lately, you’d think it was September or maybe even October with all the “back to school” and scarecrow displays, but let’s be real, there are still at least two solid months left to summer. 

Chances are your band still has plenty of shows to play before summer’s end. It’s not too late to order Dropcards for all of them. With just a five-day turnaround on most orders, you’ll have your Dropcards in no time. Plus, rush capabilities are available if you need them even faster.

Likewise, if you need VIP badges, access passes, press passes and more for upcoming events. smartyPass offers some of the fastest turn times in the industry, and in most cases, your order can be completed from proof to print in 5 days or less

So before you pack up that BBQ set and store away your bocce balls, get out there and have some summer fun. Don’t forget Dropcards and smartyPass for your band and label needs this summer.