Vinylly, A Solution for Vinyl and Digital


Vinyl sales rose a whopping 32% in 2013, so chances are you are pressing records or will be in the future. Why not pair your vinyl sounds with digital downloads?

 Even vinyl aficionados have laptops and smartphones these days, so offering a digital download with every vinyl purchase sounds like the right tune.

 Luckily, you can get things spinning with 45RPM by Dropcards, a lightweight, streamlined version of our award-winning music download platform that’s been specially designed for pairing with vinyl records.

When you include 45RPM cards with your vinyl release, your customers can purchase music on their preferred formate of vintage vinyl and also receive a digital version to easily transfer to their PC, Mac or portable music player.

These cards are easy and affordable.

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Not Just For Music — Dropcards’ Success at Book Expo America

Dropcards had a great time at Book Expo America — we had awesome conversations with book publishers, got to check out all the new, upcoming releases, and even met a few famous people along the way. (Living the dream!) However, the best part might have been seeing our Dropcards being used creatively throughout the entire conference.

Our cards are great for eBooks. They allow you to provide fans with anything from chapter samples, to full audiobooks, interviews, and more. Dropcards are lightweight, small and loaded with valuable content. You can always have your cards in hand to promote your latest titles at any conference or book signing.

Check out some photos below of Dropcards at Book Expo America!

High Bridge Audio Boothimage

Hachette Books image

Megan Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing and Publicity at Hachette Books, showing off their Dropcards (flashlights included!)image


Here are some great things some folks had to say about using Dropcards for their book orders!

"It’s always a supreme pleasure to do business with Dropcards. The Dropcards staff is incredibly helpful and quickly responds to every query, offering great advice and troubleshooting with grace and innovation when needed. They can work miracles, turning around rush jobs in no time at all. I’ve recommended Dropcards to many colleagues within my company and at other publishing houses, and will absolutely continue to do so. “

Megan Fitzpatrick

Director of Marketing & Publicity

Hachette Audio

"As an audiobook publisher, it is important to get review copies of our audiobooks to volume reviewers and prospective listeners. Until I found out about Dropcards, this has been a very expensive proposition. But now, with Dropcards, I can get out volume copies of my audiobooks to reviewers as well as samples to prospective listeners at a fraction of what I was paying before. Thus, I highly recommend Dropcards as a very viable solution to getting reviews and creating a new audience for your audiobooks."

John Goodwin

President and Publisher

Galaxy Press

"Steve is a pleasure to work with. His Can Do attitude is infectious, and the Dropcards team is always ready to meet our needs, be it two months, two weeks, and sometimes even what feels like two days in advance of a Due Date!"

Anthony Goff

VP, Publisher

Hachette Audio

Dropcards Drops Our Shipping Prices

We know the world isn’t flat, but our shipping is!

Figuring shipping costs doesn’t need to spin you round in circles — Dropcards now offers international flat rate shipping. Whether you’re rocking out on stage in Australia or touring the countries of Europe, flat rate shipping for our plastic cards costs as low as $35.95 for Canada, and as low as $46.50 everywhere else across the globe.*


smartyPass has lower shipping rates, too. Just like your passes, however, each order is different. Prices vary depending on your order.

So go ahead, order some cards wherever you are. We’ll get them to you in 3-5 business days.**

Happy ordering!

**Does not take into account customs inspections. Other exclusions may apply.

Backstage Passes For All Your Summer Bashes


The behind the scenes of any festival or event can be overwhelming. Making sure everyone has the right credentials doesn’t have to be one of them. smartyPass is an easy and affordable way to get your VIP badges and passes for all your shows, tours, events and more. 

At smartyPass, we like to keep things simple. We’ve streamlined the process of ordering passes to guarantee you’ll get quality passes fast. If our easy ordering process, quick turnaround times, and full-service flexibility isn’t enough, we can also promise you that you’ll pay less than you would with the guys who will talk you into the bells and whistles you might not need. If you like bells and whistles (or want cards in the shape of a bell or a whistle), we can do that too. Our in-house graphic design will make sure your passes are exactly how you want them.

Summer should be a breeze, and your events should be, too. Our event passes will help make that dream a reality.

Order before June 30, 2014, and get 10% off your first order with the code smartyBash10.* We told you it was easy.

*Code expires 6/30/2014. Standard cards only. Does not apply to past orders.

Sounds Waves — Let Dropcards Be Your Summer Show Solution


Whether your band is playing a legendary festival or hopping from venue to venue in your local city, summer is the time to have your music shine. Dropcards are the easiest and most affordable way to help you do it.

We know leg room is already tight while touring, but luckily our cards take up a minimal amount of space. Dropcards are super small — so they are easy to transport, distribute and ship — which makes them perfect for any event. A box of 1,000 cards is smaller than a guitar, so go ahead, throw some extra merch in your van!

Dropcards also help you promote anything you want. Have you covered your favorite song recently? Did you record an unbelievable guitar solo? Include it! We can host all kinds of content, ranging anywhere from a promotional song to a full album download — or even videos from one of your shows.

Dropcards are a cost-effective and easy way for all your fans to listen to your greatest hits. So relax, Dropcards are your stress-free solution for all your show promotion.

Use the promo code SUMMER2014 and get 10% off your next Dropcards order.* See, we told you it was a breeze.

*Code expires 6/30/2014. Standard cards only. Does not apply to past orders.

Dropcards Speaks to Yogi Lonich


[As part of our continuing spotlight series, we are exploring the opinions, advice, and experiences of some of the brightest minds in the entertainment industry. Please feel free to be part of the conversation by emailing us]

As former Buckcherry, Wallflowers and Fuel member, California born and raised artist, Yogi, has a curriculum vitae which reads like an encyclopedia of musical legends sharing the stage and/or recording with artists including Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Shakira, DJ Zedd, Richard Marx, Kid Rock, Natasha Bedingfield, Nikka Costa, Five For Fighting, Bonnie Raitt, Booker T Jones and Meredith Brooks. He was also honored to play with Jimi Hendrix’s own Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame opening of the Jimi Hendrix exhibit. Touring support with rock icons The Rolling Stones, Robert Plant, Aerosmith, AC/DC, KISS, Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park and Korn are a mere few included in an impressive career, which just keeps getting stronger. Away from the world of touring, filming, traveling, and the Grammy’s, Yogi has put his undoubted and versatile talent to good use, and has produced two solo albums and a rock band project. 

Dropcards’ Steve Ceragno sits with Yogi Lonich to talk about the music industry and his new record, Sitting on Top of the World, released earlier this year on January 28, 2104.


You are one of the busiest working musicians out there, how did you go from local guy to first call session and touring guitarist?

YL: It all just happened overnight…Actually, it happened over 10 years of paying dues in clubs, getting a Bachelor of Music degree, making contacts, practicing, learning to be professional and audition properly, among dozens of other things. It is of upmost importance for one to ultimately do what they love whether they’re paid for it or not. Also, having the right “vibe” has come in more handy than playing well on more than one occasion.

On the topic of recording, do you think current technology impacts the way an artist writes and records, versus the way it was done twenty-five years ago?

YL: Clearly. It costs nothing to make a studio quality recording these days, so that enables the market to be saturated with product. That’s why so much music is free and readily available. It also allows artists to have less of a filter. We can simply create without putting so much stock in recordings because of budget constraints and can do away with “this is my only shot” type of mentality. We are free of record labels.

What should a band be doing that perhaps they are overlooking or not focusing on? 

YL: Although it’s tiresome, social media/marketing is key in today’s industry. I honestly am beginning to find it somewhat repulsive, but as a self-run artist, one must undertake such efforts. There are people who are making literally millions from monetized YouTube pages. Although, at a certain point, I just want to make music.

Were there any mistakes throughout your career that you wish you could ‘do-over’? 

YL: No. I’m proud of all the work I’ve done. I’ve learned something from every artist and musician I’ve worked with. I guess I’m just not the regretful type. I like to live in the moment and soak up as much as possible.

As an artist-owned label, keeping an eye on the budget is important. How do you prioritize your promotional budget? If you could only spend money on one thing – say, a radio promotion company, a print media promotion company or advertising, what would you choose? Why?

YL: I would probably focus on social media, videos and bloggers. Everyone is constantly on their phones; much more than reading or listening to the radio these days. If you can go viral on the internet, that is exponentially more successful than having folks hear you on the radio.

What are some other notable artists you’ve either performed with or opened for?

YL: Played or casually jammed with: Chris Cornell, Buckcherry, The B’z, Fuel, Filter, Booker T, Bonnie Raitt, Prince, Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Bedingfield, Mick Jagger, Seal, Kid Rock, Sarah Mclachlan, Slash, Axl Rose. I’ve opened for The Rolling Stones, AC/DC. Kiss, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park, Korn. It just keeps going…

We’ve spoken a few times about where digital music has gone over the last decade, and how Dropcards ties physical product with the digital download. Why do you think Dropcards seem to work for artists such as yourself?

YL: Dropcards are the new business cards, only digital. You can access EPKs, video and audio, and communicate virtually anything directly to a person. It has a personal touch and is a unique and fairly new idea. People respond well to it.

You have a brand new record you are releasing this year in which you are infusing a banjo into your music. How’s the record coming? 

YL: It’s coming along brilliantly. I haven’t felt this kind of excitement about an instrument (banjo) in ages. I feel like I’m connecting to something primal, something with deep roots that transports me to a universal place. I’m fortunate to have Los Angeles session man, Toss Panos, on the drums. He brings a lot to the recordings. I enjoy treating each album as a unique time capsule. Each successive album will be different than the previous.


Turn the Page toward Better Results with Dropcards


Dropcards are an inexpensive way to engage your readers and get them hooked on your new projects.

Dropcards are all you need to promote your book. Provide recipients with access to an audiobook, a chapter sample, interviews and more. Uncover a new way to publicize your work with Dropcards.

Our cards are also easier to transport from place to place. 100 books can take up a lot of space, are cumbersome and heavy — but 100 Dropcards fit right into your suitcase. Make book signings, events, and book tours a whole lot easier for you.

Dropcards are the ultimate way to promote your book. Dive into your next project with Dropcards, and get 10% off for booking your first order today. Mention code BOOKCARDS10.

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Dropcards - The Next Big Thing to Happen to Books


Sure, Dropcards are synonymous with music downloads, but we’re also known for our work with multiple genres — like books. 

The publishing world has embraced us in a big way. We’ve worked on Dropcards for a James Patterson audiobook, a J.R.R Tolkien download, and a Harlan Coben download inspired by his new thriller, “Shelter” — just to name a few. Our fast turnaround times and our dedicated customer service will help you with all of your promotional needs, cover to cover. 

Use Dropcards to provide fans with anything from chapter samples to full audiobooks, interviews, and more. Dropcards are lightweight, small and loaded with valuable content. You can always have your cards in hand to promote your business at any conference or book signing.

Drop Dead (Gorgeous) Dropcards

We know you like contests, so we have a new one for you. 

Take a picture of anything Dropcard related - a concert, a book or even the card itself -  and use the hashtag #dropcards to get the chance to win 250 free cards. The best, most innovative photos win. We know all of you are very creative, so put those photography skills (or filter skills, for that matter) to good use!

Follow us @dropcards to see if you are the winner, announced Friday, May 2nd.